Samsung Releases Two GSM Handsets- One With TV
By Eric Lin, Thu Sep 18 23:30:00 GMT 2003

Hot on the heels of Samsung's announcement that they would release a WCDMA phone with an HDTV tuner in Korea soon, they have just announced a TV phone for the Western world (and China too).

According to Phonescoop, last night Samsung unveiled the P705, a GSM/GPRS phone with a television tuner built in. You can watch TV, and even take screen grabs or video from the broadcast and send the capture as an MMS. The U.S. release, which is slated for November will receive NTSC broadcasts, however we believe a separate model will have to launch in Europe and China, as they don't use that standard.

They also announced a new GSM/GPRS camera phone. The E705 is the first Samsung to have an in-built antenna. It is also has a VGA camera with an LED flash- the first GSM phone to launch with a flash (excluding the flash accessory for Sony Ericsson phones). It will launch later this month on T-Mobile in the US, and shortly there after in Europe and Asia.

Both phones are 900/1900 mHz world phones and have MMS, polyphonic ringtones and WAP 2.0 browsers. Both also have IR, but neither has BlueTooth.

The E705 has a sexy shape and a camera that should make it popular with many feature phone users. However we can't find any scenario or need that would herald the success of the P705 TV phone. Do people want to watch TV on the go, on a phone screen? Will people watch enough TV that they'll find something worth capturing and sharing?