Toshiba Develops Tiny Hard Drive for Mobiles
By Carlo Longino, Mon Dec 15 16:30:00 GMT 2003

Japanese manufacturer Toshiba said today that it's created a 0.85-inch diameter hard drive that could store 2 to 3 gigabytes of data, and is likely small enough to make it into mobilephones or handhelds when production begins in 2005.

The device could store 2 hours of high-quality video (one article says "high-definition" video, I'm not sure if they're referring to HDTV-quality or what) or 60 hours of music -- that's a hell of a lot of Beyonce ringtones and Olsen twins backgrounds.

The company says the drive will initially cost around JPY 30,000 (about $280), but should drop to JPY 10,000 once volume production starts, and could also lead to the development of incredibly tiny video camcorders.