Vodafone Adds Windows CE Handheld to Their Lineup
By Eric Lin, Fri Dec 05 08:00:00 GMT 2003

Vodafone will be the first carrier to launch the bSquare Power device, a GSM / GPRS Windows CE.NET handheld with a built in keyboard, landscape screen and SDIO.

Although the Vodafone deal is the first public announcement, bSquare have been demonstrating the Power device for over a year now. The Power device is a landscape form factor with a 4" VGA screen, lots of buttons and a thumb keyboard that pulls out like a drawer from the bottom of the device. The phone is dual band and calls are made from either a wired headset or via a speakerphone in the handheld.

Like Pocket PC or Microsoft Smartphone, Windows CE.NET provides basic Outlook and Office applications as well as Internet Explorer. It also includes ActiveSync desktop synchronization like the Microsoft platforms. What it does not include is access to the large library of Pocket PC or Smartphone software, which will not run on the Power device.

The Power device is less of a PDA-phone and more of a mini-laptop. It should provide a good browsing and email experience plus access to documents for business class users who want to stay in sync with their office, but it seems unlikely to make an impact beyond the enterprise.