UK Picture Messaging Interest Flagging, Too
By Carlo Longino, Wed May 12 15:45:00 GMT 2004

Following similar data from other countries, a survey reveals minimal interest in MMS in the UK.

Eighty percent of those surveyed haven't used MMS, even though 55 percent have MMS-capable handsets. T-Mobile said about 40 percent of the handsets it sold in the UK last year could send MMS, but its users sent about 700 times more SMS than MMS: 4.39 million MMS vs. 2.98 billion SMS.

We've already told you about flagging picture messaging interest in Japan and the US, leading some to speculate on the future of cameraphones. El Reg mentions that MMS use took off in Asia during the World Cup in 2002, and this summer's Olympics and European football championships could drive interest in a similar way, but it really looks like that now the novelty has worn off, the idea of sending a picture message isn't too compelling for many users.

Clearly the idea of sharing photos with people isn't catching on, for whatever reason (pricing, interconnection, user-unfriendliness), and the sending of video and audio even less so. MMS content looks to be gathering a bit of pace, and perhaps it will kindle more interest. But sending picture messages isn't the only thing that's possible with MMS, and carriers had better figure out some other popular services and help developers create some interesting applications pretty quickly.