Yay, Another Trade Group
By Carlo Longino, Thu Apr 29 13:30:00 GMT 2004

Nokia, Samsung and Siemens said today they were joining the Mobile Imaging and Printing Consortium -- yet another industry consortium, this one focused on printing photos taken with phones.

The MIPC said the three handset vendors had joined, but not just as regular members, as "strategic members", in the quest to provide consumers with "a simple and spontaneous experience when printing images with camera phones". Sounds like fun.

Anyhow, the MIPC says it's now "strongly positioned" to deliver "guidelines" to make it easier for people to print their phone images at home in the second half of the year. The group says it will use existing standards and technologies like Bluetooth and PictBridge, which makes me wonder why they couldn't just work through those groups to begin with. Also makes me wonder what I'm doing wrong, since I've never had trouble transferring an image to my PC then printing it...