Happy Birthday!
By TheFeature, Tue Aug 19 13:00:00 GMT 2003

What better way to celebrate TheFeature's third birthday than with a few presents for you, the reader? Our readers, after all, are the reason for our success, and we want to give something back by introducing a new, cleaner and friendlier design, new mobile services, and a number of new community tools aimed at increasing our site's level of interactivity.

The Wapit Story - book download (pdf)

The re-launch was marked by a Mobile Internet Summit webcast, where we explored the past, present and future of the mobile Internet industry. We also offered an exclusive download of "Riding the Wireless Wave: The WapIT Story," a book by ex-Leningrad Cowboy and wireless pioneer Mato Valtonen. Mato joined the Summit's webcast panel, which was moderated by Anssi Vanjoki, Executive VP of Nokia Mobile Phones and included Jim Griffin, CEO of music and entertainment delivery company Cherry Lane Digital plus Justin Hall, noted Web pioneer, speaker and author.

You can watch an archive of the webcast by clicking: Watch Now!

Thank you!
Sean, Justin, Mala, Carlo and Sirkku