Weekly Wrap: Symbian Sees Smartphone Upside
By Carlo Longino, Fri Aug 22 12:00:00 GMT 2003

Symbian wins big, 3G continues to gather steam, and operators feel the aftermath of last week's blackout...

As Eric's post describes, Symbian's results from the first half of the year this week show that it's been a prime beneficiary of increasing smartphone sales. First-half shipments were up 1000% from last year, royalty revenues up 700% and overall revenues up 122%.

Moving on to several bits of 3G-related news that came out this week:

Hutchison 3G also released half-year results, showing disappointing take-up of its services in the UK, Italy, and Australia.

Rumors circled this week that T-Mobile would launch its UK 3G network by Christmas, though the company denied it had set a date.

Some reports are indicating that Chinese authorities will issue 3G licenses in the second quarter of 2004. But the country's regulators must still decide which standard to back, though an analyst said this week most Chinese carriers will use WCDMA.

Nokia announced it would buy Sega.com to beef up its multi-player mobile gaming credentials ahead of the October launch of the N-Gage deck.

We reported last month on MVNOs, highlighting the success of Virgin Mobile. Things continue to go well for the carrier, which this week announced it had gained its 3 millionth customer in under 4 years.

And finally, fallout from last week's blackout in the Northeastern US and Canada is seeing ire directed towards mobile carriers, who evidently are expected to provide service even when their cell sites have no power and the numbers of calls being placed shoots through the roof.