1x EV-DV Now Official, and Officially Fast
By Eric Lin, Wed Mar 10 22:45:00 GMT 2004

The 3G Partnership Project has just approved revision D of CDMA 2000 1x EV-DV. 1x EV-DO was already achieving higher data rates than WCDMA; EV-DV quadruples the data speed, adds faster upload rates and simultaneous voice transmission.

If the CDMA Development Group's claims are even close to what we'll seen in real world deployments, CDMA 2000 1x EV-DV will not only blow away WCDMA and 1x EV-DO for data speeds, it will even outpace DSL. By creating separate channels for download and upload of date, EV-DV frees the network up for an impressive 3.1 megabit download rate. Even if it's only capable of one-half to two-thirds that rate in large scale deployment, that's still 1.5 to 2 Mbps.

The separate download and upload channels also allow for much faster upload as well, the group is seeing speeds of about 1.8 Mbps upstream. Since most CDMA handsets sold in the US lack Bluetooth or IR, fast upload rates are becoming critical as manufacturers integrate cameras capable of megapixel pictures or large video into their phones. 1x EV-DV also finally realizes CDMA 2000's goal of simultaneous voice and data transmission.

According to the CDMA Development Group's press release, 1x EV-DV will be commercially available in 2005. However it is not clear whether that means the basestation equipment will become available next year, or if EV-DV networks are expected to be open to subscribers then. Phonescoop reminds us that the US carrier Sprint has committed to deploying EV-DV on its nationwide network. Verizon, the other US CDMA carrier, has recently announced it will complete a nationwide deployment of 1x EV-DO by 2005, but will begin launching the network in major cities this summer. If the development group means actual EV-DV networks will up and running in 2005, it would be possible for Sprint to launch nationwide EV-DV shortly after Verizon completes their EV-DO network.