CDMA2000 To Gain Foothold In Europe?
By Carlo Longino, Mon Nov 03 18:00:00 GMT 2003

Swedish telecoms regulators are looking into setting aside some of the 450 mHz band for digital mobile telephony, and Tele2, one of the companies interested in the license, is thinking about using CDMA2000 technology there.

Regulators are still deciding what to do about the spectrum and how to handle the licensing, but if Tele2 should end up starting CDMA2000 service there, it would be quite a coup for Qualcomm in their fight against GSM. The carrier is evidently looking at the standard because its spectral efficiency would be advantageous in the narrow frequency band.

Some readers may remember the 450 band as the home of networks using the NMT standard, an early analog system developed by Nordic carriers, and the first to allow for roaming. It's unclear if Sweden plans to shutter the NMT network in that band, which is still in use by about 150,000 people. The relatively low frequency allows for coverage of sparsely populated areas, like northern Sweden, home to the country's forestry industry.