DoCoMo Details Flat Rate Pricing
By Eric Lin, Wed Mar 24 23:15:00 GMT 2004

NTT DoCoMo announced it would offer a flat-rate data tariff in order to compete with KDDI's AU service. This week they finally announced the actual price and details of the plan.

Starting June 1, DoCoMo FOMA (3G) customers will be able to add a flat rate data tariff to their account. It is slightly less expensive than KDDI, costing 3900 Yen (KDDI's is 4200), however there are catches. While KDDI offers flat rate pricing to any subscriber, DoCoMo will only offer the plan to higher tier subscribers who are signed on for 67,000 Yen per month or more. Wireless Week tells us not only is DoCoMo restricting who can subscribe, they also are restricting how the subscribers can use the data. The unlimited data only applies to phone-based applications, not browsing on connected devices such as PDAs or laptops.

According to the article, DoCoMo will also offer subscribers cheaper packet tariffs a month before the flat-rate launch. The per megabyte plans will include attached devices as well phone browsing, and will cost up to 50% less than current prices. Dottocomu also tells us that like Vodafone KK, DoCoMo will add a dual mode WCDMA / GSM handset to their line up for global travelers. It looks like DoCoMo is willing to take some drastic steps to keep its lead as Japan's most popular carrier.