DoCoMo Launches 5 New 3G Phones
By Eric Lin, Fri Dec 19 23:00:00 GMT 2003

After adding 3 new phones to their 505i series of 2G picture centric phones, DoCoMo is improving imaging for their 3G FOMA network with the new 900i series. All the phones feature improved cameras, HTML email, and new video features.

In case you haven't picked up in it yet, DoCoMo handsets follow a specific naming convention. All handsets in a series have the same model number, the manufacturers are denoted by one or two letters before that model number. As with all DoCoMo launches, the 900i series have certain specs in common. In addition to a 1-2 megapixel camera and HTML email, all phones have larger limits on the java and flash files they can use. They have also added avatar support for video calls, the mention of which always reminds us of the morning masks on The Jetsons.

As with all DoCoMo series, manufacturers use form factors and additional features to differentiate themselves. While each model is naturally a clamshell, the Fujitsu and Panasonic models both feature twist and fold screens. The Fujitsu is additionally a touch screen model, while the Panasonic can be rotated to a sideways position to hold the phone like a video camera (which is necessary since the camera is positioned in the axis of the hinge). Video capture is better developed on many of the models, and they now include adaptors for video out to TVs or monitors.

The Sharp model includes their new document viewing technology, while the NEC and Panasonic each come with popular games- Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. A PDF is available from DoCoMo with full specs and differentiating features of each model. DoCoMo have no plans to slow down development of envy-inducing handsets either. RCR reports that they have just invested another $350 million in 3G handset development.