Mobitopia on 3G
By Justin Ried, Fri Aug 22 11:15:00 GMT 2003

Jim Hughes of Mobitopia has weighed in with his thoughts on the challenges facing Hutchison & co. in getting a significant return on their investment.

He says the biggest hurdles they face are coverage, handsets and content. I think it'll actually take a more fundamental change in the operators' approach for 3G to really take off. They'll have to enable and encourage mobile peer-to-peer networking.

Mobile devices are personal, and people will want to use 3G networks in personal ways. I don't buy the idea that push media - news clips or sports headlines - will cut it, or that video conferencing necessarily will either. It'll be the quirkly little community apps that allow people to share their world with others - people of their choosing, who hold common interests. I think Howard's smart mobs idea has just barely begun to kick-in.

Blogging on the Web allows people to do this today somewhat, after all the fun's over and they get back to their PC to upload the pictures and text to a fileserver. Moblogging let's them do it from a phone, but it's still awkward and slow, requiring the content to be served from another location. Little concepts like SIP/Presence are going to set this thing on fire when properly implemented.

We won't be running full size webservers from our mobile devices anytime soon, but they offer others a little window into our lives which is getting bigger and bigger all the time. It'll be interesting to see what people show in theirs.