Spaniards Will Start the Year With UMTS in Their Laptops
By Justin Ried, Fri Oct 31 08:30:00 GMT 2003

Oriol Lloret writes: "Telefónica Móviles, the biggest mobile operator in Spain will start to distribute 500 PCMCIA/UMTS cards to their largest corporate customers shortly, and it is expected to start the launch commercialy at the start of 2004. Vodafone will do the same at the end of the first 2004 quarter."

Oriol's write-up continues: "As it quotes today in the spanish El País newspaper, Enrico Boserman, General Commercial Manager from Lucent Technologies in Spain and Portugal, expects that at the start of the year 2004 the operators would have sell between 30.000 and 40.000 UMTS cards in Spain, Italy and Germany. Boserman adds that it is expected that triband cards with GPRS/UMTS/WIFI will be launched arroun July 2004.

UMTS it is expected to run 8 times faster than the current GPRS.

Nice to see Telefónica Móviles take a leading position on 3G deployment!