Another Mobile OS?
By Carlo Longino, Thu Sep 04 17:30:00 GMT 2003

With all the talk of Symbian and mobile Linux in the last several days, CNetAsia reports that a Singapore company has announced a mobile OS it says can run Windows, Linux, and Palm applications.

Radixs says it has inked deals with device manufacturers and carriers, and will unveil them at this month's Demomobile 2003 conference in California.

The company's OS, called MXI, uses emulation to run non-native programs, but also runs resource-intensive applications on a remote server, sending just enough data to the user for them to view and interact with a document.

The company's business model relies on selling its products to carriers so they can launch new services, but their set-up would seem to necessitate the cooperation of device makers to adopt the MXI OS. Is this likely?