Danger Adds Java to Hiptop, Promises Software Downloads
By Eric Lin, Wed Sep 10 22:45:00 GMT 2003

In a move that might finally bring an economy to the Hiptop platform, Danger has announced it will support J2ME and bring an online software catalog to the next version of the OS.

Yesterday Danger announced that they would be adding Java micro edition 2.0 to the Hiptop platform. Since Danger and Hiptop carriers have not allowed users to install additional software as of yet, this announcement didn't make much difference. Danger offered a developer kit some months back but never offered a way for developers to get their software on to devices. It is no surprise then, that developing Hiptop applications is not exactly all the rage amongst the young tech savvy users.

Today Danger posted a sneak peek of the Hiptop OS version 1.1. Among the many user-requested improvements is a new feature aimed at turning the developer tide. The Catalog is a host for Hiptop application downloads of everything from ringtones to games to utilities. Users will be able to browse the Catalog from their Hiptops and download software over the air. Initial Catalog content will be free applications (including a Telnet / SSH client!), however Danger expects to expand this to paid content as well.

Online channels for mobile software have become more critical now with two factors. 1- Mobile devices are no longer seen as organizers, but as actual mini computers. And 2- carriers, demanding careful control of the software available to the subscribers, need a conduit to sell or distribute approved applications. If Danger begins to solicit developers for software and provides a way for them to get paid they are on their way to creating a mobile economy that keeps everyone from carriers to users happy.