Microsoft Reloads Smartphone Line Up
By Eric Lin, Fri Oct 10 04:15:00 GMT 2003

This morning Orange announced they will add two new Microsoft Smartphones on their network, the Motorola MPX200 which was announced a few weeks ago, and the SPV e200 which is the successor to Orange's previous Microsoft efforts.

When the Motorola Smartphone was announced, there wasn't much new about it other than a sleeker form factor. It used an older version of the operating system, and didn't offer any modern features such as a camera or BlueTooth. This week Microsoft has scored two Smartphones wins, unveiling Sierra Wireless's VOQ, the first handset with an integrated QWERTY keyboard, and the first Microsoft Smartphone with Bluetooth within days of each other.

What the VOQ lacks in Bluetooth or a camera it makes up for with an innovating keyboard that folds out from beneath the dial pad to reaveal a continuous thumb board. The SPV e200 finally adds the long awaited (and often missed) Bluetooth to a Microsoft Smartphone in addition to a VGA camera and an (also long awaited and missed) integrated MMS client..Both new handsets run Microsoft's Smartphone 2003.

Orange will launch the SPV e200 as well as the Motorola MPx200 this fall. No GSM carriers have been announced for the VOQ yet, but it is not due out 1H next year. While these devices may not have the sex appeal that established brands are starting to offer, they certainly are catching up in features and power.