Motorola Abandons Symbian
By Justin Ried, Wed Dec 17 13:30:00 GMT 2003

Mobile Today reports that after 2004 Motorola will no longer produce smartphones running Symbian OS. This was somewhat expected, considering yesterday's news that they are strengthening ties with Microsoft by expanding their Microsoft-powered MPx line of handsets. UPDATE: The original article has disappeared, and been replaced with an updated piece.

Taiwanese manufacturer Chi Mei Communications has received orders to produce the high-end MPx220 and MPx300 next year, while Compal Electronics will produce the entry level MPx100.

The MPx220 is slated to replace the currently available MPx200, adding Bluetooth connectivity, an integrated camera and updated software from Microsoft. This is a good indicator of why the MPx200 is being offered at fire sale prices from and AT&T wireless.

Presumably, this does not impact Motorola's plans to release the successor to their A920 Symbian handset, the A925.