Motorola MPx200 Officially Launches, MSFT and MOT Form Alliance
By Justin Ried, Mon Sep 15 04:30:00 GMT 2003

infoSync World has full details on the official launch of the Motorola MPx200, the "latest phone in the Orange Signature handset range, the MPx200 marks the first device from a top four manufacturer to feature an operating system from Microsoft, while it is also the most advanced Smartphone 2002 handset as of yet." Now who didn't see this one coming? *g*

With more broad industrial significance is the Motorola and Microsoft alliance that was also announced today. According to infoSync, Motorola "announced it has aligned with Microsoft for further collaboration in the mobile device market. Together, the two companies said they aim to deliver a richer wireless experience for mobile professionals - and a series of mobile devices based on Windows Mobile platforms."

Wow, does poor MOT even have a strategy anymore? Trying out every possible operating system it can get its hands on, and now operator branding their devices (since their own brand is a non-starter)? Is this the beginning of the end for Motorola? Is this desperation, or have they seen a real opportunity in Windows Mobile (that no-one else in the industry wants to touch)?

UPDATE: The New York Times has chimed in with this article (free registration required): "Analysts say Microsoft needs to improve the software it makes for phones. "The reason the SPV has not been successful is Microsoft's operating system is just not good at telephony functions," Mr. Windsor of Nomura said. "When it comes to things like SMS messaging and looking up contacts it is not as intuitive to use as smart phones made by Nokia and others that have become so dominant..."

The new MPx200 is based on the same software, Mr. Windsor said, so "I expect it to have the same problems."