Rumors Detail First LG Symbian Device
By Carlo Longino, Tue Dec 09 16:15:00 GMT 2003

Rumors are making the rounds that South Korean manufacturer LG is going to make a Symbian-powered version of one of its previously released Windows Mobile smartphones.

We told you back in October of LG's plans to license the Symbian OS, though the company said at the time they planned to use Windows Mobile for high-end devices and Symbian in its mid-range models. We also linked to their SC8000 device, a pretty cool-looking Pocket PC Phone Edition device, which speculation now has being offered in a Symbian version as well.

While Samsung and Siemens also have licensed both operating systems, this would be the first device to be offered in both OS flavors, though it remains to be seen exactly how much of the hardware would remain the same. It's also speculated that the device, currently available only in South Korea, would be sold in Europe with the Symbian OS.