Say Hello to Series 90
By Justin Ried, Tue Oct 28 10:15:00 GMT 2003

At the annual Nokia Mobile Internet Conference in Nice, France, Nokia introduced the world to Series 90 - its first pen-based software platform using Symbian OS 7.0s - sporting a high-resolution, color user interface. The first device based on the Series 90 platform was also announced, the radically designed Nokia 7700.

The 7700's tech specs are impressive. From the Nokia press release:

"The EDGE enabled Nokia 7700 media device offers users a true mobile Internet and personal media experience via a large 640x320, 65,000 color touch screen optimized for viewing full Internet content. Additional features include music and video streaming and playback, an integrated VGA camera, FM radio, multimedia messaging and email support, as well as a full complement of personal information management features.

The Nokia 7700 media device will also support the Nokia Streamer SU-6 accessory, the first mobile DVB-H/IP Datacast receiver designed to demonstrate the mobile phone television experience. The Nokia Streamer attaches to the Nokia 7700 like a battery pack, and will be used in a pilot project to showcase the future of digital broadcasting on mobile devices."

Nokia executive VP of Multimedia Anssi Vanjoki hopes that the 7700 will take "tired old media" like radio and television to the next level, energizing these channels through mobile convergence. Vanjoki says that "With clear, iconic and logical navigation" the 7700 will bring the same content from different environments to a single place - your personal media device - to create a revolutionary new mobile experience. The 7700 supports IPv6 and comes with the Opera web browser installed (as will the Nokia 6600). It also sports an MP3/AAC music player, updated versions of familiar Series 80 applications Word, Sheet, Presentation Viewer and RealOne Player. Unique to Series 90 is the new Sketch drawing and image editing application, as well as the virtual keyboard and handwriting recognition tools.

Nokia expects the 7700 to be available in Q2 2004, and pricing should be in line with its existing Communicator products.