Good News On All Fronts For T-Mobile
By Carlo Longino, Thu Mar 11 18:15:00 GMT 2004

Following the strong subscriber figures it announced in January, T-Mobile International's results show growth in all its markets.

Like we said in January, T-Mobile increased its total subscribers by 7 million to 61 million in the year. Its US unit increased its subscribers 32% during 2003, its service revenues by 48%, and its EBITDA nearly tripled to EUR 1.5 billion. with ARPU up 3 bucks to $53 per month.

T-Mobile's home German market was also strong, adding 1.8 million subscribers during the year, decreasing its customer acquisition costs by about 5 percent, and increasing revenues and EBITDA. Subscribers, revenues, and earnings also all increased in the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and the UK, while subscribers in Austria held steady as revenues and earnings grew.

Deutsche Telekom, the carrier's parent, swung to a loss for the year on the back of problems with a German toll-road system it's helping to develop. Interestingly, though, DT CEO Kai-Uwe Ricke said the company doesn't plan to take T-Mobile public, nor does it see a need to take part in US carrier consolidation.