Good News and Bad News for TeliaSonera Finland
By Eric Lin, Thu Oct 02 21:45:00 GMT 2003

Doctors try to give you the good news first. TeliaSonera expect to launch EDGE in Finland this Fall. The bad news is their churn has doubled there since number portability went into effect two months ago. Both according to RCR.

The good news is that TeliaSonera will launch EDGE this fall in Finland. Telia expect customers to be able to take advantage of the higher data speeds as soon as handsets are available. If the the network and handsets are launched on schedule, TeliaSonera will be the third carrier to launch an EDGE network. Cingular was the first to launch an EDGE network, but only in the city of Indianapolis, IN. Recently CSL launched EDGE for all of Hong Kong.

The bad news is that number portability hurt TeliaSonera's subscriber base since it went into effect July 25. In two months, Sonera lost 30,000 subscribers, doubling churn to just over 20%. Competing carriers have been offering bonus minutes and other spiffs to new subscribers, making some dent in Sonera's marketshare. Unstrung adds that Sonera will try to strike back by adding a single rate tarriff called Sonera One. All national calls will be .16 Euro / minute and all SMS .12 Euro.

Both EDGE and number portability are set to launch soon in the US. It will be interesting to see if similar events occur here.