Vodafone Ties SMS to Oracle Apps
By Carlo Longino, Wed Oct 22 19:00:00 GMT 2003

Soon after getting into bed with Microsoft, Vodafone and Oracle link up to make it easy for companies using Oracle software to integrate SMS -- if they're Vodafone customers, of course.

The companies are connecting Oracle's 10g Application Server to Vodafone's SMS system through an XML-based Web services interface, cutting out the need for companies to implement costly third-party solutions to link the software with an SMS gateway.

The Oracle server includes an API so that application developers can easily write code to send and receive SMS, quickly and cheaply enabling mobile workers to stay in touch with the office.

While this is an interesting development on its own, it also reinforces Vodafone's push to link up with companies that are already well-established in the corporate IT world. After all, their goal in this is to sway companies to choose Vodafone over other carriers, and then generate SMS traffic.