Few Take Advantage of WLNP on First Day
By Carlo Longino, Tue Nov 25 22:30:00 GMT 2003

While consumers were abuzz about being able to switch carriers and keep their phone number, it looks like only about 80,000 Americans actually did switch on the first day. But while that number might have been less than expected, it's still just the tip of the iceberg.

The tone of that Reuters article, and many others I've seen around the Net today, seem to carry the implication that since millions of users didn't switch Monday, WLNP is a failure or something. I just love how last week these same outlets were carrying stories detailing the horrors of switching the first day, week, or even month -- "let someone else be the guinea pig" being their favorite mantra.

So people heed their advice, now WLNP sucks. I love it. Anyhow, this article in the New York Times says carriers' retail stores and phone lines were quite busy, even if many people were just asking questions about the process and new plans or phones. It also raises the point that carriers are bracing for Friday, the day after the Thanksgiving holiday, which is generally one of the biggest shopping days of the year and the start of the Christmas shopping season.

WLNP will have a lasting impact as well, since many users are still under contract to their carrier and can't switch without paying early termination fees, often upwards of $150. Plus, most of us are more concerned this week with Thursday's turkey or travel plans than our cell phone plans.