South Korea Shoots For 4G Launch By End of 2005
By Carlo Longino, Tue Dec 16 19:15:00 GMT 2003

We're not going to say anybody's putting the cart before the horse, but the South Korean government says it will soon hold a 4G license auction, and that it expects commercial services to launch by the end of 2005.

I think "WTF?" is the right piece of Web-lingo here. I mean, everybody knows the Koreans are moving right along with CDMA 1x and EV-DO, but 4G? Y? BTC?

Most Western carriers had penciled in 2012 as their launch date for 4G, given the problems they've had launching 3G, and also because that's the date most of their licenses expire. While that date might be a little pessimistic, it also seems more realistic than 2005, especially since the Koreans don't seem to really have an idea of what their 4G standard will be.