Another Symbian Phone Gets Opera, Getting Users Online
By Eric Lin, Wed Nov 05 00:45:00 GMT 2003

BenQ has announced their new Symbian UIQ phone will follow the trend among recent handsets and use the Opera browser.

With every new Symbian phone released or announced, Opera appears positioned to become the de facto standard for browsers, especially for new UIQ handsets. The Motorola A920, Sony Ericsson P900, along with new Series 60 phones like the Nokia 6600 come with Opera instead of the Symbian browser. BenQ has announced it will follow suit including Opera on the P30 smartphone.

For fear of making blanket statements like "Opera is the ruling browser on Symbian," or "Opera is so far ahead that Symbian has given up," we instead want to acknowledge what licensing Opera, or any good HTML browser does for a platform. It increases the connectedness of the user. There are only so many WAP sites out there, but there are an infinite number more HTML sites. HTML browsers increase the ways a user can be connected to his data.

ADM Partners points out another new technology for connecting subscribers to online services: Java MIDP 2.0. The latest version of Java for mobile devices supports a number of new connectivity functions from new security to push technology. These new standards should increase the number of connected Java applications available. In fact, MIDP 2.0 could even be the technological force behind CNNlive on the Nokia 6600, a handset which ADM mentions as being one of the first available with MIDP 2.0.