Multiple Devices, Multiple SIMs, One Number
By Carlo Longino, Tue Jan 13 16:15:00 GMT 2004

Manufacturers are still searching for the solution to the multiple-device paradox. Most hybrid devices fall short in some, or all, aspects of functionality as device makers look to combine phones, PDAs, cameras, and other electronics. One company has developed a system that allows multiple SIMs to be linked to the same number and lets users define what types of traffic go to each SIM and device.

Mobile network application developer Redknee has delivered a multi-SIM system to O2 Germany that lets users have multiple devices connected to the same number, and uses a Web-based interface to let them designate where different types of traffic go, for instance specifying one SIM/device for voice calls, another for data, another for SMS.

While there was nothing (except cost and convenience) keeping users from getting multiple SIMs on different phone numbers from their service provider, this product provides a unique answer to the demands of users for different devices on one number. SMS could be routed to a two-way pager with a thumboard, data to a GPRS-enabled PDA or laptop, and voice to a phone.

While you'd still have to carry separate devices, you'd have to make fewer compromises in terms of functionality and performance, and if you're already carrying a phone, laptop, and PDA, it makes things much simpler. So is this the best way forward until vendors can create better hybrid devices?