It's Like They're Listening...
By Carlo Longino, Thu Sep 18 18:30:00 GMT 2003

Just a couple of days after criticism -- and competition -- came to a head over their mobile products, Intel returns fire with some new products and a tongue-lashing.

Maybe they're responding to us...maybe not. But either way, Intel came back at some of this week's earlier news by unveiling the next generation of Centrino mobile chip sets and Bulverde, a new iteration of its XScale mobile processors.

A company exec also blasted its competitors, saying their proprietary 802.11 enhancements "hinder" the standard and undermine its efficacy, putting Intel on a different side of recurring complaints about the Wintel cartel and standards hijacking. He did, of course, leave some wiggle room, adding that "small...pragmatic deviations that make sense" are fine by him.

Look for more noise from Intel leading up to "One Unwired Day" next Thursday, the 25th.