Legoland's Wi-Fi Kid Finder
By David Pescovitz, Mon May 03 04:00:00 GMT 2004

Legoland Billund is piggybacking a child-tracking system on its existing Wi-Fi network infrastructure to help locate lost or wayward kids.

Bluesoft's AeroScout active badge system consists of a wristwatch-style tag that parents rent for the day and link to their mobile phone number. Thirty-eight AeroScout location receivers are strategically located around the park, networked on the same cabling used for the Wi-Fi access points. The Aeroscout software triangulates a tag's position by calculating how long it takes the tag's 2.4 GHz signal to reach three of the receivers.

According the press release, "If they become separated, parents simply send a text message (SMS) from their mobile phone, and receive an automated response telling them the accurate location of their child. The parents can then find their child in the appropriate location according to a map they are provided when renting the tags."

Of course, it's not all about altruism. Not only does Legoland make a few euros with each tag rental, they also gain "Theme Park Intelligence." That's the brand name for the "in-depth visitor traffic analysis and park management and optimization functions" that the third partner behind the deployment, KidSpotter, has integrated into the system.