Schlotzsky's Widens Free Wi-Fi Rollout
By Carlo Longino, Wed Feb 18 17:45:00 GMT 2004

The sandwich chain is expanding its "Cool Cloud" across 6 states on the back of its continued success.

I've written before about the Austin-based sandwich chain that's seeing great returns from free Wi-Fi in some of its stores, and the numbers keep piling up. Schlotzsky's says over 40 percent of customers say the free Wi-Fi or computer use the company offers play a part in their choosing to eat there, while 6 percent say it's the main reason.

These strong figures come on the back of the company's earlier announcement that their stores with free Wi-Fi get an additional 15,000 visits per year, or roughly $100,000 in extra revenue. Clearly the wireless access is working out well for the company, and T-Mobile and Starbucks' silence on figures makes us suspect things aren't going as well for their paid model.