TV, Meet PC. PC, TV.
By Justin Ried, Wed Sep 03 09:15:00 GMT 2003

Jeff Goldman writes: "Forbes took a look today at KiSS Technology's new plasma screen TV with DivX support and wireless Ethernet. It's one of a series of products coming from the Danish company which integrate wireless Internet access with home entertainment." Not sure why my TV needs Wi-Fi, but hey...

Jeff's write-up continues: The 42-inch TV will be able to connect to a wireless home network and access photos, video, and music from the files on your home computer or from anywhere on the Internet: this is yet another step in the crossover between TVs and PCs, and it will radically change the way we access entertainment.

Discussing an earlier product launch in this series, the company's marketing manager pointed out the enormous potential of these devices. "Users will be able to download files from the PC and watch movies, listen to hours of recorded music, share family pictures, or jump on the Internet and listen to Internet radio stations, said KiSS' Bo Lustrup.

But the true potential, of course, lies with downloads. And Kevin Hell, Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer at DivXNetworks, is quick to stay on the legal side of things when discussing KiSS' products. "Now, anyone can easily download a protected movie and watch it on their TV, not just the computer," he said. Don't forget that "protected" part, please.

Have the disputes over Napster (and the establishment of offerings like iTunes and BuyMusic) transformed the playing field, or will file sharing only increase when it becomes so simple to watch a downloaded video on your TV instead of your computer monitor? Not much to ponder there, actually: the entertainment industry clearly has an uphill battle ahead.