Wi-Fi Shipments Booming
By Carlo Longino, Thu Jan 15 19:45:00 GMT 2004

Global sales of "home" Wi-Fi equipment grew by an impressive 214% in 2003, says In-Stat/MDR, and sales overall look set to continue growing this year, as another analyst says plenty of businesses plan to expand their Wi-Fi deployments in the first half of 2004.

The In-Stat/MDR report focuses on home equipment, but we see it as yet another indication (as if we needed one) that the whole Wi-Fi equipment market is still booming. Their press release doesn't indicate how or what they designate "home" equipment, but we'd guess that there are plenty of businesses buying the same Linksys and D-Link and Netgear routers as home users, forgoing more expensive equipment from enterprise-class vendors like Cisco.

The report on business WLAN spending comes from Sage Research, which says that firms are looking to capitalize on the productivity gains the networks offer. Sage says 80 percent of the respondents are planning to further deploy Wi-Fi in the first six months of the year, but that overall penetration remains low, with 65 percent of those responding saying 10 percent of their employees or less currently use WLAN. That gives plenty of room for even more growth.